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How Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith’s Cockiness has elevated his game. posted on 11/09/2014

In week nine, against the Buffalo Bills, Chief’s corner back Sean Smith was lined up against Stevie Johnson on their one yard line.

Ball snapped, Johnson beat Smith over the middle but the quarterback mis-threw and Smith took it 99 yards for a score, with a nice high step celebration as he crossed the goal-line.

Cockiness is nothing new to Smith and that one play demonstrated everything about him, speed, talent, and yes confidence.

Smith’s hero is Deion Sanders, he even changed his number to 21, the same as his idol.

Now Smith is not alone in his swagger as he puts it. There’s a new breed of corners that have risen in the NFL, much in the vein of the former all-pro Sanders. With the game now becoming so pass friendly, interference being called quicker than a play can even begin, a new class of corners have not backed down from this, but instead, embraced it.

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The Kansas City Chiefs Report Card For 2014 posted on 09/20/2014

The Kansas City Chiefs posted a good 11-5 record last season and they look forward to building from that mark. Their offense is one of the best in the league, as they averaged close to 28 points a game.  This is remarkable because their quarterback Alex Smith was not in his best last season, failing to connect downfield most of the time.

Their offense would be tested this year as they’ll have to take on the dominant defenses of the NFC West, as well as other top teams like the Steelers and Patriots. For the team to survive, Smith has to do a better job this time.

The Chiefs offense may be affected by the departure of Dexter McCluster, a top wide receiver who has since left for the Titans. They still have Dwayne Bowe in the roster, but he’s not exactly the most efficient of receivers. Bowe has reportedly been working with a personal trainer and nutritionist for the first time in his career and that should help him play better. If not, Smith will have to make do with unknowns Travis Kelce and Donnie Avery.

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