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A friend of mine calls me an enigma wrapped in a mystery. A guy who knows sports, teams and stats like the back of his hand but could cite you pages out of Lord of the Rings novels or give you a ten page review on the latest MMORPG. I've been married ten years to my lovely wife Rachel who teaches Espanol and I have two boys ages eleven and eight.

I love the Kansas City area pro sports teams. As a child when everyone was wearing Cardinals red I was rooting for Royals blue and George Brett. In 1985 I was an impressionable ten year old kid and watching that World Series had a profound impact on my fandom. Bret Saberhagen, Mark Gubicza, Dan Quisenberry, Frank White, Steve Balboni, George Brett and the rest were some great players that had a magical season. Perhaps it was my desire to be different or perhaps it was because I really liked Brett's swing. I don't know what it was but I always found myself drawn to Kansas City more than St. Louis and their teams.

You will find me perusing all Chiefs and Royals news as it floats about the net and I'm a huge fan of obscure "sabremetric" stats to see true value in MLB and NFL players. Baseball Prospectus and the NFL Outsiders are the kings of what they do.

I have written for the Ozarks Basketball and Football Preview Magazine as a ghost writer for an area television sports celebrity.


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Think Larry Johnson Might Want to Apologize to Dick Vermeil? posted on 10/30/2008

From the moment in 2006 when Larry Johnson was spewing his dislike towards white coaches and applauding Herm Edwards because he's a black head coach and "gets it" his on-field performance took a nose dive.  After his fourth incident with the law involving women over the bye week I believe Dick Vermeil had Larry's personality pegged long ago.  Vermeil didn't want to draft him preferring to take a defensive player such as Polamalu or a D-lineman in the draft but Peterson insisted. 

After all these troubles and the fact that Vermeil put LJ on the map with a high flying offense perhaps Larry should call his old coach and offer an apology. 

 Larry Johnson from 2003-2005 under Vermeil:

476 carries 2416 yards 5.1 ypc   30 TDs; 56 receptions 623 yards 11.13 YPC 3 TDs

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Fourth Quarter of Chiefs at Jets a Microcosm of Herm Edwards Tenure in Kansas City posted on 10/27/2008

Tyler Thigpen played his heart out Sunday.  I was frantically dialing all my friends on my cell phone to see if anyone else was watching the spectacle that Thigpen was making of the Jets defense.  Of course only one friend picked up the phone and his response was "no I don't watch that joke of a team". 

For the twenty Chiefs fans that did watch this game Tyler Thigpen gave us what we really haven't had all season.  Hope.  Leave it to Herm Edwards to take it away.  Jets fans had to be chuckling to themselves when with 5:20 left on the clock and the Chiefs starting at their own 20 the play calling was as follows dive left tackle 3, dive left tackle 4, dive left tackle 2, punt.  I knew it was game over when we were relying on a bottom ranked defense to beat Brett Favre.  I screamed at the TV, I cussed,  I was beside myself at the play-calling.  Thigpen has up to this point carried this team in the spread offense and we go to Kolby Smith?  Smith had up to this point 8 carries for 6 yards.  I can fall farther than that and Chan and Herm go into their shell scared to death of the criticism. 

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Needs More Cowbell posted on 10/24/2008

I want to apologize in advance to the seven loyal Rays fans that were out there before this playoff run.  You guys/gals like myself (Royals fan) are long suffering fans of a moribund franchise until this season.  God bless you and I hope your team does well.

Attention all Rays fans not in the seven aformentioned above:

I realize you have never attended a baseball game before you purchased these playoff seats, but please leave your cowbells at home.  I know they sound great at your son's eighth grade football game but in baseball not so much.  Between the cowbells and that horrid stadium I was a little but in shock and awe at this spectacle this World Series has put before our eyes in high definition.

Perhaps I'm just bitter Royals guy but my goodness we at least broke 1 million attendance this season and we didn't need more cowbell.    

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The Chiefs Will Take QB Behind Door Number Two! posted on 10/22/2008

In the Kansas City Chiefs continuing game of "Let's Make a Deal" they have chosen Quinn Gray over Daunte Culpepper and Bruce Gradkowski.  I watched Gray play a game or two for Jacksonville last year and while it wasn't spectacular he couldn't be any worse than Tyler "CFL" Thigpen.  Gray brings a combination of size and mobility, something the Chiefs sorely lacked in their quarterback options on the roster. Croyle and Thigpen are mobile but both are smallish quarterbacks.  Croyle can't stay healthy and Huard is an immobile weak-armed veteran. Thigpen doesnt step into his throws causing them to sail high and has awful pocket presence. Gray can't do any worse than these jokes that have been filling out the roster.     

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Daunte Culpepper? Is Moss coming too? posted on 10/21/2008

The jobless quarterback VW-Bus keeps on rolling with stale snacks and odd jobs on the side.  That's what I picture when teams start auditioning out of work quarterbacks.  I picture them all in the same VW-bus traveling city to city showering at rest stops hoping for a job somewhere in the NFL.  It looks like Culpepper and Gradkowski pulled their VW-Bus up to One Arrowhead Drive this week for tryouts. 

I know the Chiefs are thin at quarterback and are scouring the waiver wire looking for a warm body but Culpepper seems like a bad fit.  He wasn't exactly a character guy in Minnesota and the last thing the Chiefs need is another malcontent or selfish player in the locker room. 

More importantly Daunte Culpepper isn't any good.  I know he has three Pro Bowls and I know he threw for 39 touchdowns in 2004.  He also did that with a terrific offensive line and a couple receivers you might have heard of named Randy Moss and Nate Burleson.  Yes Cris Carter was retired in 2004 but Culpepper was famous for just airing the ball down the field to Moss.  He didn't make quick reads and he wasnt a highly mobile quarterback even before his knee injury.  To think he is going to come in and save this franchise is short-sighted at best. After Culpepper and Moss parted ways Daunte was miserable. Don't believe me?  Go look at Culpepper pre-2004 and post-2004.

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